Knowledge Exchange
By managing intercultural space effectively and sharing skills we can grow partnerships and add value to
communities. By linking communities using modern technology we share information. Knowledge is arguably
the most valuable of resources in the modern world. It is the most expensive commodity to acquire.Through our external links page you will find links to a range of learning resources. We can help you with a range of production skills, and capacity building

The network of projects continues to grow and the work at the Es'phakeni centre develops. The centre has had new toilets installed and was beautifully painted in November 2012 by local artists. the offices have been restored in 2015. We were also pleased to be able to sponsor two members of the Amasiko Lemvelo Training project in Pumula to attend the Arterial Network Conference in Cape Town in October 2013 though private donations. This focussed on the African Creative Economy and allowed members to network across Africa creating new links and potential partnerships as well as learning much about the nature of the arts as an emerging economic sector in Africa. A video of some of the workshop has been made by Leroy Sibanda (Amasiko Creative Director)and is available on You Tube through AmasikoTV. We have also been setting up links in Uganda through DOADOA to enable better South South cooperation and took two members to Kampala in 2015.For more details please see the latest newsletters:

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