Aigle Herren Benyl Iso Arbeitsgummistiefel

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Designed for hunting, the Benyl boot is light, flexible and comfortable. The Iso version is lined with 3.2mm thick neoprene. Neoprene is a benchmark in terms of insulation, it locks in micro-bubbles of air to better insulate the foot and the leg. Its rubber sole provides grip and cushion. This rubber boot is handmade in France by our master rubber craftsmen.

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Necessary, you should buy mainly high-quality products and services, giving taste to demonstrated brands. It is a kind of Aigle Herren Benyl Iso Arbeitsgummistiefel we offer to the customers. People understand how vital their precious time is, and we do not have less-than-perfect quality goods. Choosing this or that product from individuals, you can be certain of its superior quality and great efficiency for work with it's use.


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