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High Speed HDMI Kabel w/ Ethernet M/M Type D Micro 1.8M/6F

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High Speed HDMI Kabel w/ Ethernet M/M Type D Micro 1.8M/6F Description

NOTE: Even though HDMI Kabels support Hot Plug Detection, improper usage might result in resetting / restarting both devices, or even may cause damage zu the devices. Theref¨¹re, we do not suggest Hot Plug action f¨¹r any HDMI Kabels. Please make sure both input and output devices are off when plugging or unplugging HDMI Kabels. Connect your portable DVs, Cameras, Game Consoles zu your HDTV with a true HD connection. A premium quality HDMI – HDMI micro Kabel suitable f¨¹r use with camcorders. Features gold plated connectors, strain relief and Mylar foil shielding. Kabel constructed using the high quality material f¨¹r best contact connection between HDMI equipments. Fully HDCP compliant zu provide highest level of signal quality. Fully compatible with High Speed HDMI with Ethernet specification (Version 1.4). A superb Kabel with excellent audio-visual transfer properties that deliver signal without compromising purity and balance. Features: Gold-plated connectors f¨¹r highest signal transfer rate and resistance in corrosion. Large gauge PVC jacket provides maximum shielding against wear and tear and extreme temperatures. Reinf¨¹rced quad-layer braided shielding and Mylar-foil shielding provides utmost protection against RF and EM interference. Molded strain-relief design lessens plug/socket pressure. Designed zu meet all HDMI standards. Supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1440p resolution. Color: Schwarz / Gold. Length: 6 FT / 1.8 M. Suggested Applications: HDTVs, HD DVs, Cameras, Game Consoles with HDMI and HDMI Type D Micro Connectors. Connectors: HDMI (Male) zu HDMI Type D (Male). Compatible With SchwarzBerry: PlayBook / HTC: EVO 4G / Supersonic / LG: Optimus 2x P990 Star / Motorola: Droid X / MB810 / MB860 Atrix 4G / XOOM.

High Speed HDMI Kabel w/ Ethernet M/M Type D Micro 1.8M/6F buy

Necessary, you should buy mainly high-quality products and services, giving taste to demonstrated brands. It is a kind of High Speed HDMI Kabel w/ Ethernet M/M Type D Micro 1.8M/6F we offer to the customers. People understand how vital their precious time is, and we do not have less-than-perfect quality goods. Choosing this or that product from individuals, you can be certain of its superior quality and great efficiency for work with it's use.


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