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Shifting Sands has been supported in more than 180 schools over the last twelve years.
We aim to work with established Southern artists with an international reputation and effective teaching ability who also have a development programme within their own countries. They have usually had extensive touring experience on professional stages but most importantly have shown particular abilities to work with young people across the arts. Tragically Mandla Sibanda (in the linked web site)and Simon Banda from Sunduza both passed away in 2012 and meant the cancellation of the programme for over a year. The new programme has been led by Richard Mahachi who leads our Kutamba project and was for 2014 music director of our community choir SOSA-XA! Sounds of Southern Africa and comes originally from Umkhathi Theatreworks in Bulawayo.

All artists are CRB cleared as are the school team and trustees. In 2010 and 2011 as well as many individual schools, we have been involved with Creative Partnerships to deliver creative change to Grange Lane junior School in Scunthorpe with a Global awareness programme. This has spanned music, dance, carnival festivals and all manner of work across the curriculum. We have been looking at the environment through class work on Whales, Shakespeare and video animation around story development. Its all been great fun taking us from music of Henry V111 to modern jazz and African heritage songs. We have made Roman catapults and giant Roman mosaics. Just a few of the projects we brought to the curriculum. In 2013/14 we launch a new programme "Artists for Africa" incorporating the Shifting Sands project with Richard Mahachi as well as working with our expanded sets of drums from different parts of Africa and Europe. The programme supports beautiful harmonies and dance and other activities . The programme is individually tailored to your school through planning sessions and pre-visits. The project has grown out of many years project experience and teaching experience by staff and artists working with UK schools and schools in Southern Africa where we actively engage in project support.Check out our growing list of support pages and download our newsletter, African Art Safari
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