SEMEA is a not for profit organisation working in the UK and Southern countries supporting knowledge
exchange. Whilst many communities still lack basic access to essential every day needs there is a growing
gap between nations with skills and those with less access to a growing base of knowledge. Many of the so
called poorest nations suffer a brain drain despite years of support for education and training.

SEMEA exists to support the sharing of skills between community spaces. We want to enhance the local
skill base and add value to what people want to do. In a global world this means adding value through
international exchange through digital technologies and in particular support for artists to develop performance. It also recognises that all means of production can create jobs in diverse communities which can be shared and add value.

The following web pages show many of the activities we
currently support as a means of empowering artists:

Burngreave Cultural Industries Challenge
SOSA-XA! Sounds of Southern Africa- Sheffield
Kutamba! School of African Performing Arts - Sheffield
Songololo- Leeds
Amasiko Lemvelo Learning- Bulawayo.
Sunduza Dance Theatre Bulawayo
Albert Nyathi & Imbongi- Harare
Mafaru Crew- Harare
Batanai HIV Support - Masvingo & Bulawayo
Over the Edge Theatre- Harare
Zambuko Izibuko Cultural Crossings

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School activities
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Capacity building
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