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Sunduza in Ndebele means 'let us push'. They come from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Sunduza have been pushing their beautiful scintillating harmonies, percussive rhythms and high energy dances internationally. The productions reflect a wide range of Southern African dance and music normally displayed in a context to which international audiences can relate. Despite of the tragedy that befell Sunduza's inspirational founders in 2012 the company have been able to revive all their productions between 2013 and 2016. It is fantastic that several of the team have remained committed from the original company. Today Sunduza are led vocally by Simon Banda's son Charlie Banda with choreogrpahic contributions from many of the team.

This site celebrates their work and the continued work of the extended family to develop Sunduza. The group are now led by younger brothers Bekithemba Sibanda, Leroy Sibanda and Simon Banda's son Charlie. Catch the group on the SunduzaTV and on Amasiko TV Channels via You Tube. The project is based at the Es'phakeni centre in Bulawayo Pumula that is jointly managed by Sunduza and the Amasiko lemvelo Learning Trust which runs an active education programme locally and in several regions of Zimbabwe.

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